If you’re a Confederate, you’re not an American

Moving back to the South after living in the Northeast for many years, I immediately began to notice the far-increased number of Rebel flags aflight. Growing up in rural Louisiana, I honestly can’t remember seeing them that often. Now they seem more popular than ever, from the standard version down to purple-and-gold and other college-color-themed versions. I think many of those who fly the flag conflate it with both American patriotism and Southern pride, and it is that delusion I wish to address.

Confederates, I have a news flash for you: the Confederacy was the greatest threat ever faced by the United States of America, and by flying that flag you signal your disloyalty to the country of your birth. Many of you claim that it is a symbol of Southern pride and values, and indeed, the United States permits you the right to fly it and proclaim whatever meaning for it you wish. But historically, the Confederate flag regained popularity during the Civil rights movement, when it was placed atop the South Carolina statehouse and elsewhere in obvious retaliations against the cultural change taking place.

The Confederate flag was, and is, the symbol of a nation. By supporting that nation, a nation created expressly to maintain the practice of slavery, you show your allegiances are not with the United States of America. So for those who fly the CSA flag: you’re not patriotic Americans, you’re Confederates living in the past.

5 thoughts on “If you’re a Confederate, you’re not an American

  1. BTW… Where does it say in the Constitution cannot leave the union?
    I will be glad when Arizona is the Country of AZ. The ONLY people currently wanting to ‘break away’ is the far left wing, and unfortunately, they are succeeding is destroying America.
    My AZ flag fly’s proud.
    Shalom 🙂

  2. I dont agree. As I said, Mexican flag OK, Southern flag, NO GOOD. The Indians were ALSO defeated, yet they fly their flags for each nation at different households on different reservations.
    This is AMERICA, south, north, east and west.
    Frankly I dont see ANYTHING wrong with hanging the states rights flag.
    I have seen many black people carry that flag proudly, and I am not even southern, I am a Yankee from NYC.

  3. A couple of points:

    1. The Confederate flag is not the Southern Flag, it’s the flag of a failed nation which was defeated 145 years ago. That nation attempted to break the USA in half, and that is why it was the greatest threat to the USA in American history.

    2. I don’t think it’s appropriate to fly other nations’ flags in public areas in the US, but people can and should do what they like on their own property. Let them fly any flag they like, whether it be Confederate, Mexican, or otherwise. My point about Confederate flags is this: if you fly one, you’re not being patriotic towards America.

    3. Whether President Obama’s administration is successful or not, it’s highly unlikely that he will start an internal war which kill half a million Americans. When that happens, I’ll agree that he’s a greater threat to America than the Confederacy. So let’s leave the hyperbole at the door, shall we?

  4. Confederates, I have a news flash for you: the Confederacy was the greatest threat ever faced by the United States of America,
    ————————–OBAMA IS THE GREATEST THREAT we have EVER had—-EVER.

  5. Right… sure.. the Mexican flag is AOK to hang in the USA, and the Southern Flag which IS AMERICAN- NO GOOD.
    Tell ya… I HAD the same problem as you. Not anymore. “Confederates’ are as American as APPLE PIE, and ILLEGALS that are raping, pillaging, plundering all over American cities are “America” now.
    You are all wrong in this.

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