A Slow Motion Health Care Crisis

Diabetes has risen to epidemic levels in the United States, and in certain subgroups diabetics and pre-diabetics (those showing early signs of diabetes) exceed 50% of the population. Diabetes is the fastest growing major disease in the US – a major study conducted by the New York City Dept. of Health showed that 12.5% of all New Yorkers have diabetes, and another 23% are pre-diabetic. More than one in three New Yorkers is likely to get diabetes in their lifetime, and these numbers are similar for the nation as a whole.

Among South Asian peoples, multiple studies have found that more than half of South Asians living in the West either have or are on their way to developing diabetes (roughly 20% have diabetes, and above 30% are pre-diabetic). These rates of incidence are so high that diabetes is perhaps on the verge of becoming normal for South Asians, with non-diabetics being the exceptional case!
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