HiddenLevers.com – Scenario Analysis For Investors

I’d like to announce¬† a new project that I’ve been working on called HiddenLevers.

What happens to your portfolio if interest rates rise to 10%? What about if oil prices spike up to $150 per barrel? Do know what impact health care reform could have on your portfolio?

HiddenLevers.com will help you answer those questions and more, by making Scenario Analysis easy for investors. By connecting big-picture economic factors (levers) with stocks and industries, HiddenLevers helps investors to understand how different economic scenarios can impact their investments.

You can use HiddenLevers to:

Try HiddenLevers out – we think it will add another valuable angle to your investment planning and research! HiddenLevers is currently in beta mode, so don’t hesitate to leave feedback to help improve it.