True Cost is a blog on American policy, economics, and social issues, as examined through the concept of “true cost”. By analyzing the true cost-benefit of any action, we can improve decision-making in our society, and reach better outcomes. Too often it seems that policy decisions are influenced by special interest groups who are able to influence policy to their benefit, while society as a whole loses. This blog can’t change that, but I hope to provide rational and reasoned commentary on a range of issues including health care, energy, federal spending, and the environment. I hope that this blog raises the level of discourse on these issues, and provides hard factual evidence for its specific policy recommendations.

True Cost is written by Praveen Ghanta. I grew up in Louisiana (which explains the occasional La.-related post), studied economics and computer science at MIT in Boston, worked in New York for a while, and now call Atlanta home. Along the way I’ve been both an independent consultant and employee at major companies, and have started a few companies as well. My latest is HiddenLevers.com, which provides macro risk analysis for investors, helping to answer questions like, “What happens to my portfolio if oil spikes back to $150, if health care reform passes, or if China is in a bubble and pops?”

I can be contacted at praveen [at] alum dot mit dot edu. Feel free to quote or mention any articles in my blog – I ask only that you attribute this blog as the source.

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